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Our Mission

We, at Kid’s Town Montessori school believe in providing children with a calm and inviting environment that will encourage them to explore and reach their true potential.

We believe that the best way for children to learn is through the engagement of their senses.

We respect the individuality of each child and his/her need to learn at his/her own pace, within limits.

We offer a nurturing environment where respect, peace and communication are encouraged.

We aim to instill in the children love and respect of the environment, hence imparting a natural need to care for said environment.

Through our multicultural atmosphere, we encourage overall tolerance and patience towards each other.

We believe that freedom is the law of a child’s being and will encourage him/her to move about and discover his/her environment.

Merhmah Hodaee, owner, decided to obtain her AMS Montessori training and teach despite being an accountant for over twenty years, in order to be able to spend more time with her only daughter. Mehrmah Hodaee, started teaching until she decided to open her own school.

From 1998 to 2001, Mehrmah Hodaee and her daughter Mahsa Najafi owned and ran a traditional preschool in Arlington, Texas. They then decided to sell and relocate to California, hoping to realize their vision to build a Montessori school in the beautiful city of San Diego.

Merhmah and Mahsa are both firm believers in Montessori philosophy; children need structure and order and thrive in a multiple-age preschool classroom. They wanted to build a school where children could express their individuality in the classroom.

After 4 years of planning and construction, Kid’s Town Montessori School opened its doors in September 2007. The school continues to grow and add programs to meet the needs of the growing population.

Mehrmah Hodaee has a master’s degree and has been a certified Montessori teacher since 1992. Mahsa Najafi, assistant director, holds a B.S. and is Montessori-trained. All the lead teachers at Kid’s Town Montessori are certified Montessori educators.


Who We Are