There are lots of benefits when it comes to individualized learning as a way to enhance the educational foundation of schoolchildren. Kid’s Town Montessori School has understood this need, so they have responded by promoting individualized learning programs.



Before And After School Daycare


Kid’s Town Montessori School provides daycare before and after school programs as part of the commitment of the school to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment intended for children.



This after school program is composed of a variety of daily themes that would go along with extracurricular activities. Since it is quite a challenge to look for a quality daycare provider these days, Kid’s Town Montessori sees to it that they only hire the most qualified childcare professionals and teachers.



Toddler Program


The preparation of toddlers for immersion in a Montessori curriculum is essential for Kid’s Town Montessori. Thus, we have created a program that would cater to 12-24 month-old children to meet this requirement.



With this type of program, children will be able to work on group activities with their teacher. At the same time, the school has a low student-to-teacher ratio, making the classroom very inviting for toddlers.



Pre-Primary Program


This type of setup would give more attention to children ages 2-3 years old. The program or school focuses on the Exercises of Practical Life and Sensorial activities.



Teachers at this level would work with children for the development of social skills and independence. Materials in the classroom are based on Montessori standards, designed to satisfy the natural curiosity of children with regards to real work as they see it done by adults.



Primary Education Environment


Children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 are given the Primary environment program in Kid’s Town Montessori School. Fully certified and experienced teachers of the school will teach this age group.



Since this is the age group in which children are required the continuity to go to school daily, Kid’s Town offers the 5-day Primary program. Children will be able to move around the classroom, as they satisfy their needs for imitation, movement, and repetition.



Elementary Level


The benefits of individualized learning programs are not only limited to Kid’s Town Montessori School because it also includes the elementary curriculum. So the passion to learn has been enforced at an early age, as it reaches new heights.



Moreover, our school also offers computer, P.E., and Spanish classes at this level. Children should be able to learn more within a larger classroom, with all the necessary materials they need, and with a very low child-teacher ratio.



The good thing about Kid’s Town Montessori School is that we offer summer as well as after school activities for young children. Thus, children are able to acquire more opportunities for learning with creative, fun, and interactive games and lessons.



At the same time, the school offers your kids to learn and develop skills in sports, including basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, and more.


Kid’s Town Montessori School is centrally located at 867 Sycamore Avenue in Vista, California and is proud to serve the cities of: Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Carlsbad, San Elijo Hills and many more