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Starting preschool will be an adjustment both for you and your child. While both of you will be feeling mixed emotions on the day, there are things you can do beforehand to prepare your child before they start Kid’s Town preschool.



Get them used to preschool life


Familiarizing your child with what preschool life will be like can lessen their anxieties. So in the months before school begins, you might want to do a range of activities that is expected in preschool. Since attending preschool involves learning through play, try to get different toys that promote learning of some kind. For instance, you can get your child a toy that teaches your child about counting.



Montessori schools encourage children to develop independence, and you can teach them some self-help skills to get them ready for school. For example, you can teach them how to tie their shoes, hang their coat, and unzip their backpack.



Since preschool starts at a certain time, make sure your child gets enough sleep the day before. This often means enforcing a “school bedtime” to ensure they are well rested and ready for school. Practice this “school bedtime” routine a few weeks before school actually starts.



Listen and pay attention to changes


Your child may be excited about starting school, but they may also have some reservations. So if they ask any sort of questions about preschool life, you owe it to them to listen and alleviate their fears. Sometimes, there will be many questions and you have to learn to be patient about it.


You should also start paying attention to unusual actions exhibited by your child. Going to preschool is a big step and your child may act out what they can’t yet fully express. It’s important not to be unkind about it. Instead, try to have a conversation and continually assure them that preschool is going to be fine.



Let them make certain decisions about school


Starting school often means buying new items. If they need a new backpack, let them choose a design of their liking. On the night before school starts, you can let them decide what outfit to wear. Kid’s Town preschool values the independence of a child, and what better way to get them used to the idea than to allow them to make their own decisions?



Familiarize your child with the new routine


Things will be different once your child starts at Kid’s Town preschool. They have to be made aware of this new routine so they know what to expect. Starting school means you have to get them out of bed early so they won’t be late.


You might even want to pick a certain time to leave the house so you don’t get stuck in traffic. It might even be a good idea to map out the fastest route to the school before school starts.



Create a goodbye routine


The new surroundings might overwhelm your child, but you have to remind them that everything will be alright. In fact, you can stay longer during your kid’s first day to make sure they are comfortable enough in their new settings. Teachers are also to make sure the transition runs smoothly.


Starting the school year at Kid’s Town preschool can be a scary but exciting time for a child. You can prepare them for it in the weeks and months before school starts so they go in with a bit more confidence. And don’t forget to talk about their day when they get home.




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