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Sending your child to school early gives them the opportunity to develop the intellectual and social skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Choosing among the best preschools in Vista can definitely be overwhelming considering you’re deciding where to send your child to start this development.



Why Kid’s Town?


Kid’s Town Montessori School is one of the best preschools in Vista for its emphasis on the independence of a child and trained teachers in every classroom. A Montessori education believes that engaging the senses is the best way to learn. This kind of child-centered learning encourages children to pick activities that best suit their interests. In other words, a child won’t be forced to learn something if they are not interested.



A Montessori Education


Montessori schools work towards developing a sense of independence in every child. This is done by encouraging children to satisfy their natural curiosity. Children are given the freedom to move about an open and spacious classroom and they are also free to talk to others. All classrooms are fully equipped Montessori classrooms. Teachers introduce materials to the class, but children get to decide which ones they want to work with.



Preschool provides young children with the foundation to do good with later studies and with life. Although the education they receive is done through play, they are learning concepts that will give them the edge when they start kindergarten.



Children who go to a preschool get to interact with other children, work in groups, and have conversations. There are three large playgrounds at Kid’s Town Montessori School where all these activities can build a foundation for social skills that they will continue to use as they get older.



In preschool, children are afforded with the opportunity to work with materials they might not be familiar with. The creative style of play allows them to practice motor skills that prepare them for future activities like writing. Interacting with other children can also enhance their language skills, in addition to working with materials intended for language development.



The exposure to different kinds of learning material gives children the foundation to succeed in later stages.



A Montessori Classroom


A Montessori classroom is different from the traditional setting since it reflects the Montessori curriculum. The room is divided into separate areas that reflect the key areas targeted by a Montessori preschool education: self-care and the environment, writing and reading, sensory and motor education, and math skills.



This kind of setup means there are different items children can work with while in the classroom. As a child plays with the various items in the room, they learn about concepts like big and small or hard and soft, among others.



In short, a Montessori classroom is filled with materials that preschoolers can interact with and learn from. Children can work with these items independently or they can work in small groups.



Kid’s Town Montessori School is a Family owned business and is one of the best preschools in Vista where you can send your child to learn. A Montessori education believes in encouraging children to satisfy their curiosity. This is done by providing various hands-on material to interact with in order to learn language, math, and practical skills they will use later in life.




Kid’s Town Montessori School is centrally located at 867 Sycamore Avenue in Vista, California and is proud to serve the cities of: Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Carlsbad, San Elijo Hills and many more